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        P-master (Shenzhen) Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of p-master International Technology Co., Ltd., is fully responsible for the promotion,  technical support, pre-sales / post-sales service, sales, maintenance and repair of the Chinese market.

       P-master (Shenzhen) Fluid Technology Co., LTD., Is a technology enterprise providing customers with professional precision dispensing solutions and local services. We have been based on independent research and development and technological innovation, according to the market demand to constantly improve the structure and performance of products, help customers to continuously improve the manufacturing process, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of customers. At present, automatic microdispensing, precise filling and coating technology has been applied and recognized in many fields.

        Since our company introduced the contactless PV3200A series of piezoelectric injection system, it has promoted the development of piezoelectric micro injection technology. Products cover high precision trace dispensing valve, controller, was applied to the mobile phone cover frame, camera, SMT, FPC, PCB assembly, LSR waterproof, half guide LED packaging machine, flat-panel display assembly, auto parts, the Primer is waterproof, hot melt adhesive, UV glue, solder paste, and other manufacturing industries, and alternative new energy application and life science, military products, coating, precision dispensing, filling and coating and related industry trustworthy partner.
Our products cover high-precision micro-dispensing valves and controllers, and are widely applied to mobile phone peripherals, e.g. frames and cameras, SMT, FPC, PCB assembly, LSR waterproof parts, semi-conductive LED packaging machines, flat panel display assembly, automobile part assembly, primer water-proofing, hot melt adhesive, UV glue, solder paste, etc. They can substitute new energy application and life science, military product coating, and are the preferred partners of precise dispensing, filling and coating.

Piezoelectric Valve (rotation for 90 degrees)

Piezoelectric Valve (with heating cylinder)

Piezoelectric Valve


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P-Master is a high-tech enterprise which provides professional precise dispensing solutions and localization service for the clients.

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It is fully in charge of the marketing, technical support, before-/after-sales service, sale, repair and maintenance of China’s business.

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